Don't keep your expectations high,
Nothing fancy to show in here.

This space is just a sum of random thoughts, stuff that I wanna remember and don’t know where to write down, and maybe some sporadic catharsis attacks and sincericides.

A bit about me(*)?

Most of the time I’m just traveling around -but when I’m not, I’m quite a nerdy being-.
I love challenges, either if it’s a spontaneous trip plan, some cryptocurrencies-related nerding, hardware projects, or just playing around with investment bots, I always find something new to keep me entertained.
Argentinean currently based in Germany, I’m doing DevOps/ITSec Engineering for a living; but who cares about that?

When it comes to traveling, I’m a huuuuge fan of hitchhiking, Couchsurfing and having very local experiences. When I’m not on a trip I love hosting people and showing them around, too.
I’m not the always-taking-pictures kind of human, so I don’t post many pics; but even though, when I’m out I try to capture landscapes and moments as good as my pretty poor skills allow me to.
Sometimes I share some of that stuff on Instagram. No selfies or food porn there, no worries.
I’m also into meditation, yoga, curating music playlists and all kind of extreme sports. The crazier, the better.

My most remarkable skill is having an incredibly shitty memory, thus this blog/thingy is yet another attempt to write stuff down for my future self.

PGP ID: 0x563F2539 [ 🔒 ]
* Please contact me via mail first, I probably won’t reply otherwise.